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Sharon DelaroseGypsy King Software Games, the dream child of Irish-Italian gypsy Sharon Delarose, produces shareware games for Macintosh and Windows. For decades you’ve been able to find us at gypsyware.com, and now we have a spiffy sister site, gipsyking.com.

We’ve always owned both domains but until recently, gipsyking.com simply redirected you to gypsyware.com. Desiring a new look, we decided to build gipsyking.com into its own site, being easier than revamping the gypsyware.com site in the way we’d like. Eventually we will update the look over yonder, but either way you’ll get the same news and downloads on both sites.

Our games often feature fortune tellers and gypsies, the most noted being Madame Murghi who currently resides in Poker Dice. Snuggled at our feet is company mascot Dakota who spurred us to write many a dog tail. We rescued her from the dog pound and she turned our world upside down, raising such a ruckus that we wrote a book about her. Our other mascot, a Catahoula Leopard Dog named Sierra but affectionately nicknamed Roxanne for the way she likes to sit, is our latest dog pound rescue dog. She was 4 days from oblivion when we adopted her and she now has a home for life.

Launched in 1998 we sent our first Macintosh creation, Fortune Puzzles, out into the world. That began the quest to carve our initials into the shareware industry. Since then, our shareware games have received high marks from ChezMark, a well-known Mac reviewer, download site Mac Tucows, and have been included on MacWorld CD’s in the US and the UK. Our games have been listed on sites all over the world. We’re not the best known shareware company yet but we’re climbing the ladder toward companies such as Spiderweb Software, who is our greatest inspiration. We hope to follow in Jeff Vogel’s footsteps someday.

In 2003 we launched the first of our Windows games, Poker Dice and Blackjack Gold. Thanks to my fella, Barry, who provided the necessary Windows resources and moral support, I can now create goodies for both Macintosh OSX and Windows. I am very excited about the possibilities.

Gypsy King Software Games is a one-gal entity, one gal writes the code, does the brainstorming, creates the graphics, keeps the websites up to date, fills the orders, handles the tech support and does all the marketing. We now have two websites, www.gypsyware.com and www.gipsyking.com. There’s a story behind this.

Catahoula puppy SierraWe have several colleagues and friends who contribute voices. We’ve met many interesting people through our travels across the U.S., including blackjack dealers and fortune tellers. We’ve traveled from New York to California, Florida to the Midwest, gallivanted through the South living here and there as our gypsy blood took us, finally settling in Atlanta, Georgia in 1984.

May your journeys always be happy ones, and may the light and laughter of loved ones surround you.

Happy thoughts,

Sharon Delarose
Gypsy King Software Games

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